Obesity's Answer

by Jessica Cervantez

Kitty Bounds, from Lufkin, lives a very different life then she did a year ago.  Today, she makes healthier choices when it comes to food.

Bounds said, "I was so tired and weak, really just felt like I couldn't even work or do anything."

I just felt bad, I was tired all the time, I couldn't lose weight."

After reading Dr. Rima Kittley's book, "Obesity's Answer, It's Not Your Fault," Kitty realized she was allergic to many of the foods she was eating. And those foods were hurting her body. Now, she's lost 35 pounds and feels better than ever.

Bounds said, "I'm actually getting all the chemicals balanced in my body, actually I'm sleeping better, and you know you don't even realize that possibly some of what you're eating even affects that."

"I have energy, I sleep better, I never would've thought that food would affect my sleep," she said.

Dr. Kittley spends time educating others about her cell program.  She stresses what she believes are the key rules when it comes to food.

Dr. Kittley said, "My premise is that if you're really working hard to lose weight and can not lose weight something is getting in the way.  Particularly, the actual foods you eat make a difference, the diet gets rid of a lot of the problematic foods for people.  For instance, in my diet, you don't eat any dairy, no milk or cheese, because a lot of people have problems with it, they're intolerant to it."

Dr. Kittley says her program is designed for people who have tried everything to lose weight, but have not yet found a solution.