Nacogdoches Police Report - 02/13/07

CRIMINAL TRESPASS:  400 block of SE Stallings Dr.  Edward Charles Roberts was arrested after being found on property where he had previously been given a trespass warning. Subject was also intoxicated.

  1000 N. University Dr. Complainant advised that unknown persons had used her identity twice in 2005 to receive traffic citations.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1000 block of Hollyoak. Upon moving from a rent house, the toilet flapper was tied open and a large water bill was incurred.

UNATTENDED DEATH:  3400 South St (Nacogdoches Inn). Male found deceased in hotel room. No obvious signs of foul play. Official ruling on cause of death will be made by justice of the peace after completion of inquest.

DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE / CAPIAS WARRANTS / POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. Vehicle was stopped for defective equipment. Driver was found to have city warrants and a suspended driver's license. Search incident to arrest revealed a quantity of suspected crack cocaine, some scales, and cash. Charles Calhoun was arrested.

UNATTENDED DEATH:  700 block of Mr . Henry Drive. A 78-year-old female deceased. A history of medical problems was noted.