The Killer "C's"

by Ryan Peterson

For years, the Houston Astros have named the heart of their batting order "The Killer B's" because all of their last names start with the letter "B."

Well, at Angelina College they've taken on a different letter. They call themselves the killer "C's."

A-C baseball is off to a dominating start. But it's the "C" that really stands out. Six of the Runners' dominating pitchers have last names that start with the letter "C."

"Cashner, Campbell, Cooper, Conerly, Casolenia, Corolla..."

"I walked in coaches office one day and saw on the chalkboard all the guys with the name C were on the line. It said Killer C's," said Pitcher Andrew Cashner.

And the killer "C's" are saying see you later to opposing batters. In 12 games this season the Runner pitching staff has allowed more than two runs just three times.

"We'd make jokes about Coach Livin recruiting C's just to have the killer C's," said Pitcher Grant Campbell.

"I'm just looking for guys to pitch. It just so happens that the C's have come in a done a good job for us," responded Head Coach Jeff Livin.

"At first it was joke, but we had some success and it's become a theme," chimed in Pitcher Kevin Cooper.

The depth of the letter "C" and the depth of the pitching staff have led to wins, but it's also caused some confusion. Like who's supposed to pitch.

"It's a problem I wish I had every year. It makes it difficult trying to portion our rolls. But at the same time they're doing a great job when they get in there," mused Coach Livin.

"All the people with C's we've just been doing our jobs," said Pitcher Todd Conerly, a former Lufkin High School starter.

And that makes recruiting a whole lot easier.