Like People, Animals Can Freeze to Death in Frigid Temperatures

All across East Texas, people are bundled up in coats and jackets because of the cold weather, but many of those people are not doing the same thing for their pets.

With freezing temperatures on the way, some animals are at risk of freezing to death because they don't have shelter, barns or a way to make body heat.

Kim Frels of the Angelina County Humane Society said, "Livestock, cattle, and horses must have hay or food in order to produce heat to keep their bodies warm. A lot of livestock do not have a barn, but as long as they have a large roll of hay and food available to them and body fat, they can make it fairly well through the winter."

If you live inside the Lufkin City limits and see an animal being abused or neglected, call 633-0218; anywhere else in the county, call the Angelina County Sheriff's Office at 634-3331.