Paying for Sexual Assault Programs for Children

by Larry Little

Everyday Carroll Maderor spends her day at the X-change place in Lufkin, helping children, some who have been sexually assaulted.   "That's the purpose of my life, to protect those children, who are caught in the middle of a family crisis," says Carol Maderor.

Providing supervised visitation service for children isn't free and Carroll says often funding is hard to come by. She is already working on the budget for 2008. "We shouldn't get to the point where we are stressing out. We are putting together a business plan where we are not stressing out over money," says Maderor.

Some lawmakers in Austin are hoping to help fund sexual assault prevention, counseling and treatment by charging adult businesses. Under the proposed legislation adult businesses would be charged $5,000 annually and topless bar customers would be charged a $5 cover charge. The goal is to raise about $40 million a year.   "They are going to be in existence anyway. They may as well help support the children. I think that is a great idea," says Maderor.

Opponents of the proposed bill feel it is unfair because there is no proof adult businesses cause sexual assault.