One Case of Salmonella Reported in Lufkin

Salmonella is a dangerous food bourne illness, but it cannot be passed it from person to person.

Memorial hospital E.R. physician Dr. Doyle Haynes said, "Contaminated water, foods, poultry products, and unpasteurized milk may be a source of it.

In Lufkin, Memorial Hospital has only seen one recent case of salmonella poisoning and it is not related to tainted peanut butter.

By the time salmonella patients get to the emergency room, they sometimes have changes in their mental state and low blood pressure. Doctors treat infected patients with a lot of fluids and 'round the clock care.

"The thing that people worry the most about is if they become dehydrated. They usually say it's okay to have diarrhea as long as you're keeping fluids down by mouth, but people that are vomiting as well as having diarrhea can become dehydrated and they'll faint, pass out, and get sweaty.

If left untreated, salmonella poisoning in children can sometimes lead to infections in the blood and bones. Most salmonella cases in otherwise healthy people can be treated without lasting problems.