Woman Used Oven to Warm Cold Puppy

"Treat a pet as you would treat a child," said Monica Hill. "If you can't afford to take care of a child, think about the same thing with a pet."

That's what Angelina County Animal Control Officer Monica Hill told a woman who put her puppy in the oven to keep it warm. The woman said the dog was cold and she was just trying to make it comfortable.

"Her father stated that back in the old days they could turn on an oven, heat it up, open the door, and with the door down, wrap up some towels or a blanket, place it on the door and put the puppy there, and the heat would warm up the puppy," said Hill. "When she walked out of the room, the puppy had gotten up and stumbled off of the blanket and fell off the door and burned its ear."

The dog is alive but its ears are burned off. Its head is also burned and blistered.

"Common sense should come across to people, that probably would not be a good idea. If you're not gonna do that to your child - if you're not gonna open an oven and place your child onto an open door in a blanket - don't do the same with your animals."

The two-week old puppy is now being cared for at the Angelina County Humane Society with other dogs in need of a home. It's too soon to tell if it will live through its ordeal.

No charges have been filed against the dog's owner because authorities do not have any evidence showing she meant to hurt the puppy.