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02/17/07 - Huntington

East Texan Fighting for the Troops

by Larry Little

On any given day you will find a patriotic Robbie Maxwell sitting alongside highway 69 in Huntington, showing support for the troops. "I've been out here almost 4 years. March 28th will be 4 years," says Robbie Maxwell.

Her opinion hasn't change in those 4 years about the war in Iraq, but she believes the attitude in Washington has changed and the debate over the Iraq war isn't sitting well with Ms. Maxwell.   "Politics should not come before the safety of our troops or the welfare of this country. It's not just the troops lives depending on this war being won, it is our live right here at home," says Maxwell.

Maxwell says both parties are to blame. Maxwell says she understands everyone doesn't agree with her about this unpopular war, but she believes the country needs to stand together and send a strong message to politicians in Washington.

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