Nacogdoches Police Report - 02/19/07

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  3000 block of E.J. Campbell.  Complainant reported that unknown persons took his 1995 Lincoln Town Car without permission.

EVADING ARREST:  2400 block of Woden Rd.  Officer stopped the vehicle for speeding (91mph in 45mph zone). Driver fled the scene on foot. Shortly afterward, the driver returned and was arrested for evading arrest. Glenn Young was arrested.

RUNAWAY JUVENILE:  2500 block of Shorley St.  Complainant reported a runaway juvenile. The juvenile was located and returned home.

DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE:  5200 block of South St.  Suspect was involved in a minor traffic collision. Driver was found to have a suspended license. Donnell Keggler was arrested.

FURNISHING ALCOHOL TO A MINOR:  1600 block of Pearl St.  Officers determined that alcohol was being furnished to minors at a party in the 1600 block of Pearl. Blake Phillips was arrested and charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor.

ASSAULT:  2900 block of Rayburn Dr.  Officers responded to a disturbance. Officers determined that a female had been assaulted by a roommate. No injuries. Roger Broom was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  600 block of Beard St.  Complainant reported that a known suspect had forced his way into the residence and assaulted her. Suspect was still on scene. Brandon Bryant was arrested.

THEFT:  2819 North St. (Continental Liquor)  A known suspect entered the business and removed three bottles of liquor without paying. A warrant has been requested.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS / POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA:  1700 block of E. Main St. Suspect forced entry into an apartment after being evicted and the locks changed. Suspect was found to be in possession of marijuana. Kennie Sullivan was arrested.

  3200 block of Pearl St.  Suspect was involved in a hit and run accident. Suspect was located at an apartment, also in the 3200 block of Pearl. Patty Stewart was arrested.

FAIL TO STOP AND RENDER AID:  6800 block of North St.  An unknown suspect caused an accident and left the scene without giving information or rendering aid.

DEBIT CARD ABUSE:  3200 block of South St.  Unknown person used complainant's debit card to purchase gasoline.

THEFT COMPLAINT:  801 North St. (Rent-A-Center).  A known suspect is suspected of taking money from the business over a period of time. Under investigation.

FORGERY:  500 block of North St.  A known suspect stole some checks from the complainant. The checks have been forged and passed. Warrant requested.

ASSAULT:  1000 block of Cottonwood St. Complainant reported an assault by a boyfriend. No injuries and no charges were filed.

HIT AND RUN:  4800 block of North St.  Unknown suspect struck complainant's parked and unattended Corvette. No suspects.

DEATH OF A PERSON:  600 block of Inwood.  Officer responded to a sick call and found EMS doing CPR on a patient. Patient pronounced dead at Memorial emergency room. No apparent signs of foul play. Official ruling on death will be made by JP Kerry Don Williamson after autopsy results.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  900 block of Oakhill Plaza.  Officer contacted suspect that was walking through Oakhill Plaza. Consent to search was given and officer located suspected crack cocaine in his pocket.

HIT AND RUN:  500 block of SE Stallings Dr. Suspect vehicle struck complainant's while in a funeral possession. Suspect gave complainant false identification.

THEFT / IDENTITY THEFT:  3400 block of E. Main St.  Complainant reported the theft of a Social Security check. Complainant also reported that their identity had been used to make online purchases.

ASSAULT:  2100 block of Hollywood St.  Officers responded to a disturbance. Complainant reported being assaulted by a known suspect by being pushed. Suspect gone on arrival, no charges filed.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA:  900 block of Banita St.  Officer stopped vehicle for a traffic violation. Officer detected the odor of burning marijuana. A search revealed a usable quantity of suspected marijuana. Jaqualan Tanner was arrested.

ASSAULT / TERRORISTIC THREAT:  200 block of Mackechney St.  Complainant reported that his wife had choked him and threatened to kill him. Beatrice Morales was arrested.

DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE:  100 block of W. Starr Ave.  Officer stopped vehicle for a traffic violation. Suspect was found to have a suspended driver's license and outstanding warrants. John Mitchell was arrested.

THEFT:  100 block of Rusk St.  Complainant reported that while at a party, her purse was stolen. Purse contained a cell phone, identification, and checkbook.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  2400 block of North St.  Officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. A passenger was contacted and found to be in possession of hydrocodone. Shannon Robertson was arrested.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT / RESISTING ARREST (2 counts) / ASSAULT / POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA:  1507 North St (The Annex).  Officers responded to a large disturbance at The Annex. Several fights erupted in the parking lot. Josue Beasnael was involved in a fight and was uncooperative and struggled with officers. He was also found to be in possession of marijuana. He was arrested. Also, another fight started, and a female suspect was ordered to leave after being verbally abusive to officers. She then struck an officer in the face (no injuries). Alandra Sherman was arrested for assault. Another fight started in the parking lot, and officers attempted to contact a suspect who refused to stop for officers. Officer attempted to physically stop him and he resisted. Christopher Ivory was arrested.

ASSAULT:  3800 block of Maid Marion.  Officers responded to a disturbance. Officers determined that both parties had assaulted each other. The female had slapped the male after he had smashed a birthday cake on her head. Both Raymond and Kimberly Weaver were arrested.

ASSAULT:  100 block of Quail Ridge.  During a disturbance, a son assaulted his father by scratching his face. Hernan Cuarenta was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  2400 block of S. University Dr.  Officer assisted in pushing a disabled vehicle from the road. Derrick Wyatt, the driver, was found to have outstanding warrants. Officers located suspected cocaine hidden in the vehicle. Both Wyatt and a passenger, Amanda Whiddon, were arrested.

FELONY POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA:  3200 block of NW Stallings Dr.  Officer stopped the vehicle for a traffic violation. Officer located approximately 5 ½ pounds of suspected marijuana in the vehicle. Eric Fuhs was arrested and charged.

DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE / POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA:  200 block of South St.  Suspect was contacted on a traffic stop. Suspect was found to have a suspended driver's license and in possession of suspected marijuana. Dale Abshere was arrested.

ASSAULT:  1300 block of Pruitt Hill.  A known suspect grabbed his girlfriend during an argument. A Class C complaint was signed.

RUNAWAY JUVENILE:  2500 block of Daybreak.  Mother reported a 12-year-old male as a runaway. The juvenile later returned home.

DWI / EVADING ARREST / HIT AND RUN:  1500 block of North St.  Officers observed a vehicle while on patrol attempt to turn in front of another at North and Starr, causing a minor accident. Vehicle then fled on Pearl St., with officers in pursuit. Vehicle stopped near Tipton Ford. Amanda Chapman was arrested.

INTERFERING WITH A 911 CALL:  2000 block Of Banita St.  Complainant and suspect were involved in a verbal altercation. Suspect kept the victim from calling the police. William Hadox was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  4800 block of North St.  A pit bull dog was reported stolen from a parked vehicle.

THEFT:  4810 North St (Wal-Mart).  Complainant reported a wallet taken from a shopping cart in the store.