Hudson Fire

As flames and smoke shot out of the house on 511 Cox Road, Hudson and Fuller Springs fire fighters fought tirelessly to put out the fire.  Several neighbors even pitched in to help.

"I got up on the end down there and that gable. There was a lot of heat coming out of there. A little water house is all we had. And he was on the other end with another water hose trying to water it down. Then the fire department got here, and I think they have it now," neighbor Danny Lee said.

Fire officials say they still haven't determined the cause of the fire.

"We're not sure exactly. It looks like it started in the kitchen and went up the wall. We have to investigate to make sure but that's the initial observation," Hudson Fire Department Assistant Chief Ron Cole told us.

Fire officials say three people were inside when the house caught on fire but no one was injured.

"Right now we've contained it to the attic. That's pretty well charcoaled in there. What we're doing now is going through and making sure we have it all out. But it's pretty much contained to the attic. There's going to be some water damage to the house where water came through the roof and through the ceiling but it's pretty well contained," Chief Cole added.

Fire officials say the owners of the home are just glad their house is still standing and no one was hurt.