Splash & Grab

A form of convenience store robbery dubbed, 'splash and grab' is keeping cops baffled in the Northeast.  Police in the Philadelphia area are investigating sixteen 'splash and grab' cases.  It goes like this:  One man buys a hot drink, like coffee or hot chocolate, and throws it on the cashier's face.  The other man scoops up the money from the cash register.

KTRE talked with Bruce Sampson, a Nacogdoches convenience store cashier.  Sampson said he is not too worried about the robbery scheme, "I'll be watchful, I always watch, but not really, but, I don't know, if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere, so it's one thing to note".  Sampson says he is friendly with his customers and they usually respond with politeness.  Also, he  says, the police have a gas account at the store, which makes him feel safe.