Texas Alcohol Laws for Minors

It's already illegal for liquor stores to sell alcohol to minors. But the state of Texas also has a law that prohibits adults from serving alcohol to minors.

"What they are saying with this law is we no longer are going to allow adults to serve minors alcohol in their home or at parties or places anywhere that they may rent," Executive Director of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas Phyllis Grandgeorge said.

The law is called the host law. It's only a year and a half old, but East Texas leaders are hoping it will keep minors from drinking now that Angelina County is wet.

"Here in Angelina County as we go wet, we think that we want our environment to be very responsible. We want all adults that are around teenagers to be responsible and help us from a perspective of prevention and do their part to prevent underaged drinking and not allow teenagers to drink," Grandgeorge said.

Alcohol and drug abuse council officials want East Texas adults, including parents, to know it is illegal to give minors alcohol. They say drinking alcohol can be risky for anyone, especially teenagers.

"Parents need to really grasp that and see that there are so many risks and become involved. Talk to other teenagers' parents and make it clear that we want to have an environment that protects our teenagers and takes care of them," added Grandgeorge.