East Texas Cemetery Vandalized

Angelina County Constable Spencer Sellman has been the caretaker at Berry Cemetery for many years. He knows all about the vandalism that happens here.

"The first time, we had over 100 tombstones knocked over. Various other times, we've had anywhere from 15 to 20 tombstones shoved over," Sellman told us.

Moffet residents say monay of the tombstones have been here for many generations and they can't imagine why anyone would want to vandalize them.

"It makes me angry and it makes me sad. These people have done so much for this community and maybe some of the same kids that are doing it may be grandchildren or kin to them somewhere down the line. So it makes me sad," Sellman said.

Moffet residents have told Constable Sellman they believe the vandals are neighborhood kids. But so far, nobody has been caught in the act.

"Usually when something happens we'll call the deputy out and he'll take photographs and information. You know, it's hard to catch somebody if they just come in late at night, throw something down and leave," said Sellman.

Constable Sellman hasn't given up on catching the vandals. He also has a message for them:

"Well I'd just ask that they quit. I mean, be a little bit more reverent to all these people who have made their lives a whole lot easier. Here they are shoving over their tombstones and everything, so I'd like to see them stop. Just quit period."