Preventing Meth Addiction

by Larry Little

Linda Silvas spends most of her time on the stage, beating drums, singing Native American chants and most importantly telling her story about how meth affected her family. "I raised my grandson for 8 years because my only son was partaking in the forbidden fruit, him and his wife, so it left my grandson in danger," says Linda Silvas.

Linda removed her grandson from the dangers of a drug home. Now she hopes her story will educate and prevent meth use.  "People have got to educate themselves on substance abuse on any kind of abuse. These pictures of babies crawling around of these homes creating meth labs is so sad," says Silvas.

Pam Martin also knows first hand about the neglect children can face when drugs are being used in the home. Her grandson Harold Harris' body was found in Nacogdoches in 2005. A death she now feels could have been avoided if she only knew the signs. "I personally never knew anything about the alleged drug abuse but now that I think about it. I think there was meth use. A lot of people said he had sores on him, but that was a sign so if we knew more of what to look for, maybe we could have spotted it," says Pam Martin.

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