Drug Research Comes In Many Forms

Children often get their first exposure to drugs at pre-school, through drug prevention programs. They've been going on long enough for researchers to safely say, " It greatly, greatly decreases the likelihood of problems later." Dr. Augusta Diana serves the National Institute of Drug Abuse. He's applauds all prevention efforts, but knows some are better than others.  "There's a lot of evidence out there that certain kind of things don't work. One which is information only kinds of campaigns, so there's a lot of talk about media oriented things."

Steven Steiner, the founder of Americans for Drug-Free Youth knows the power of the media. He frequently appears on national news programs to counteract pro drug messages. Steiner said,  " It's knowing what the other side is trying to do and that is poke holes in the drug war. People want to know why are we losing the war on drugs. It's for a couple of reason. We're not funding the drug task forces properly."

Apart from enforcement and prevention is treatment. Brittaney Spears is the latest celebrity to reenter a treatment program. Dr. Nicholas Goeders probably will never treat Brittany, but he's aware that,  " She's been in and out of rehab. She goes in for a day and comes out. That means she needs something to help her cut her craving so she can stay in treatment long enough for it to take effect."

Goeders is in the middle of remarkable research on a combined drug therapy. "It breaks the ability of the triggers in the environment that stimulates cravings and relapses." He's very close to developing a pill that breaks the craving for addictive drugs. He believes pharmaceutical companies will be impressed. " And once we show data from our clinical trials starting this summer where we show them positive data they'll probably be knocking on the door after that."

Drug addiction is a tragedy, but answers may be found thanks to individuals who dedicate their service toward prevention and treatment.   One reason why Healing Helpers and the Generations Center worked together to bring these experts to a conference on juvenile substance abuse and the drug endangered child.