School Gangs in East Texas??

by Larry Little

13 year old Jakerriyus Harris was a student a Lufkin Middle School until a couple of weeks ago when he was sent to alternative school for joining a gang. "These kids walked up to me and said in order for us to leave you alone you have to join a gang with us. I said that's what it's got to be, then I'll do it," says Jakerriyus Harris.

Before becoming a member Jakerriyus says he had to be sworn in. "They said okay follow me. We went into the bathroom and that's when they jumped me in," says Harris. Each one of them was just beating him in the back chest and when they got through they handed him a red bandana and said now you are officially a blood. They jumped him into a gang," says Doris Harris.

School officials wouldn't comment on any of the students involved but they did tell me this is an isolated incident, but one they are taking seriously. Doris Harris hopes her story will get other parents more involved in their child's school life now before it's too late. "This gang stuff is not necessary. We don't need it in our town. We don't need it in our schools and our kids don't need it. What they need is prayer," says Doris Harris.

There is a zero tolerance for gang activity at LMS and the school has a gang awareness program.