Meth in Motels

It's becoming a problem all across the country. People using motel rooms as meth labs. That's one reason many East Texas motel managers are now watching their rooms closely.

"We do service to rooms everyday. We have to go in there and clean the rooms everyday so we know what's going on in that particular room. We keep an eye on unnecessary traffic. If we see any unnecessary traffic going in and out, we warn them and if they won't listen to us we just tell them they have to go. They have to check out," Lufkin Inn Manager Danny Bhakta said.

Meth makers like to use motel microwaves and coffee makers to cook the drug. Lufkin police investigators know how dangerous this can be.

"The contamination levels can be toxic. They can leave behind a residue of chemicals and toxic things like that could affect the next people who rent the room.they could leave behind used needles or things of that nature. It's really a problem and hotels and motels do not like it, and they take a lot of effort to combat that," Lufkin Police Lt. David Young told us.

There are signs East Texas motel staff members and guests can watch for, to try and keep meth producers away.

"If they have someone that lives locally and is repeatedly coming back to get a room, you kind of wonder why. Keep an eye on the customers. Watch for customers unloading an unusual number of bags or items that are associated with meth cooks, such as heat sources, some of the chemicals, coffee filters and things of that nature," said Lt. Young.