Educator Remembers Murdered Student

Pleasant memories and yearbook photos of Claudia Rodriguez are all her former teachers have to hold on to. Coach Derek Lillard met Rodriguez when she was just a freshman at Hudson High School.

"Claudia was an outgoing girl," Lillard said. "Getting these girls as freshman like I did with Claudia; she was kind of shy at first and afterwards she would just talk to anybody."

Twenty year-old Rodriguez was shot in the head the day before Valentine's day inside her Lufkin home. She died four days later.

"I'd seen her off and on after she'd graduated," said Lillard. "She would come visit with the girls while we were practicing and when I heard about it - I guess it was Valentine's Day - I was shocked."

Claudia was a popular girl and a star student, but Coach Lillard remembers her as an outstanding athlete.

"She was pretty talented. She would give a hundred percent at anything she tried. Whenever she was on the soccer field, she would work and work until she couldn't do it anymore."

Rodriguez graduated from Hudson High School in 2005. Her boyfriend, Darrell Ivey, is now in jail charged with two counts of capital murder - one for Rodriguez and another for her unborn child that also died.