Lufkin Middle School Gang Intervention

by Larry Little

Last night Jakerriyus Harris told us his story about joining a gang at school. "They gave me a red bandana and said now you are officially in a gang," says Jakerriyus Harris.

Are their gangs at the Lufkin Middle School? "What we are seeing now is kids who call themselves wannabe gangs. What we are seeing now is a lot of kids that want to be a part of this and that. They may call themselves a gang, but they are not a gang, gangs do criminal activity," says Lufkin Police Officer Ralph Bean.

Lufkin Police Officer Ralph Bean is the on-campus officer at the school. He also teaches students a gang intervention course. "It teaches me to resist gangs and if any person tries to bully me," says student Danny Felt.

Lufkin Middle School Principal Vickie Evans has a zero tolerance policy for gang activity. She says parents can be assured their children are safe. "Ninety-nine percent of our students do what they are suppose to do. Just like in society, most people obey the rules and follow the rules, but you are going to have students that don't follow the rules and there are consequences," says Vickie Evans.

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