What REALLY happened to Cole Duane Jackson?

Cole Duane Jackson
Cole Duane Jackson

What REALLY happened to Cole Duane Jackson?  My brother, Cole Jackson, has been missing for over 7 months now & we need your help!  Cole Jackson was married in May 2006, disappeared July 13, 2006, and his wife had their first baby boy on October 12, 2006.  He has not even got to see or hold his son.   His medical conditions are asthma & allergies.  He left his home the morning of July 13, 2006 and said he would be home in 2 hours.  He went to a friend's house in Timpson, Tx.  Around 8:30am him & a friend went to the Whataburger & while the friend was in the restaurant he drove off.  We don't know what happened to make him leave like that.  All we do know is he drove through an old man's back fence & garden around 9:00am.  He stopped and told the man he was sorry & offered to come back the next day to help fix it and $120 for the damages.  He then stated he had to get out of there because "Bad people were after him."  This old man stated that my brother looked very scared.  His truck was found in the woods within 1 mile of the man's house on July 14th  and  towed to a storage place on July 15th .   A search & rescue from Shreveport came to search on August 13th  and nothing was found.  On August 19th Cole's shoes and wedding ring was found by our family during one of our many searches of the surrounding area.  His wedding ring was inside one of the shoes.  Shelby County believes the shoes & ring were placed.  Also, the shoes found are not believed to be the shoes he was wearing at the time.

If you have any information please contact:

Kim Jackson - Wife -  cell# 936-554-2066  parents# 936-564-2837

Rebel Jackson - Brother -  hm# 903-797-6006  cell# 817-291-4962