Nacogdoches Police Report - 02/26/07

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT:  3100 block of E.J. Campbell St.  Complainant reported that a known suspect assaulted him with a football helmet. Complainant received several cuts and abrasions to the head area. Howard Thomas Jr. was arrested.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT / RESISTING ARREST:  805 E. Main St. (Liberty Hall)  Officers responded to a disturbance at a private party. While investigating, a suspect began to interfere with officers and shout profanities. When officers attempted to arrest the suspect, he resisted. Jonathan Woodard was arrested.

ASSAULT / EVADING ARREST:  100 block of Elm St.  Resident was awakened by barking dogs and went out onto his porch. Complainant reportedly found an unknown female urinating in his yard. Two male suspects were in his yard also. Complainant ordered them to leave. The two male suspects then attacked the complainant on his front porch, and when officers arrived, they fled. Both were apprehended. Danica Dizon (female) was apprehended, and so was Travis Burnett. An unknown white male suspect is still at large.

ASSAULT:  2200 block of Looneyville St.  Officers responded to a disturbance at a residence. It was determined that a male suspect had assaulted his girlfriend by pushing her. Marcos Vargas was arrested.

ASSAULT:  600 block of NE Stallings Dr.  Complainant reported being assaulted the day before by a neighbor. Warrant requested.

HIT AND RUN:  300 block of W. Starr Ave.  Unknown vehicle struck complainant's vehicle and left the scene without providing information.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  1400 block of Timberlake St.  Suspect vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation. Driver was contacted and found to be in possession of suspected powder cocaine. James Weisel was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  3000 block of N. Pecan St.  Complainant reported that unknown suspect reached through an open apartment window and removed a cell phone.

DWI / HIT AND RUN:  1500 block of North St.  Suspect's vehicle struck another from the rear. The driver/suspect fled the scene and hid behind a business. He was located, taken to the Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for treatment, then to the county jail. Karl Morgan was arrested.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  1500 block of MLK.  Complainant loaned a vehicle to a known suspect who has not returned it.

ASSAULT:  2900 block of Santa Fe Pl. Complainant was pushed by the suspect during an argument. Lorenza White was arrested.

THEFT:  1122 N. University Dr. (Sebastian's).  Complainant left a purse on the counter. When she returned, the purse had been stolen.

THEFT:  300 block of E. Starr Ave. Complainant reported a basketball goal stolen from the residence.

THEFT:  700 block of Orton St.  A wheel chair was reported stolen by the complainant. It was later located abandoned by police and returned to the owner.

RECOVERED PROPERTY:  400 block of SW Stallings Dr.  A bicycle was found abandoned near the fire station. The Diamond brand bike was seized by officers.

THEFT:  200 block of Wettermark St.  While attending a party, unknown suspects removed complainant's cell phone from her purse.

POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA / FAILURE TO ID:  600 block of Orton St. Suspect was located on condemned property and was found in possession of drug instrument. Suspect failed to identify to officer. Melody Welch was arrested.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  3100 block of E.J. Campbell St.  A known suspect made threats that placed complainant in fear for his life. Warrant requested.

FAIL TO STOP AND FURNISH INFORMATION:  3400 block of NE Stallings Dr.  Unknown suspect caused a motor vehicle accident, then fled the scene.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA / POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  3000 block of NW Stallings Dr.  Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Officers obtained consent to search and found over 15 pounds of suspected marijuana in the doors of the vehicle, a quantity of suspected cocaine in a body panel, and approximately 200 doses of suspected Ecstacy. Xavier Robinson was arrested.

THEFT:  300 block of Sandra Jean.  After several friends left, the resident discovered an X-Box missing from a residence.

RECOVERED PROPERTY:  1600 block of NW Stallings Dr.  A 19" TV was left in a wash bay at the car wash.