Downtown Lufkin Fire #2

Pearson Bargain Center at 404 East Frank Avenue has been demolished by a fire that totally engulfed the building Sunday evening. For Picture Click Here

The Lufkin Fire Department first received a phone call about 9:22 p.m. from a passerby who spotted the fire. Fire Marshall Duane Freeman says it appears that the fire started inside the building on the back portion of the Fourth Street side of the business. He says that is probably why it took so long for someone to notice the fire.

When Lufkin firefighters arrived, it took every available unit to bring the blaze under control. The structure was fully involved. They battled the blaze for an hour before they brought it under control. Freeman said the most they could hope for was to contain the fire and keep it from spreading. The business was closed. No injuries were reported.

Fire Marshall Freeman says insurance investigators will now visit the rubble and make an evaluation. He says it would take a day or two before local fire officials are able to get inside the burned out building and sift the debris.

The Pearson Bargain Center is a total loss. No damage estimates have been made, pending further investigation. No other businesses in the area have been affected by the fire. Pearson Furniture Company at 306 East Frank Avenue was not affected by the fire and remains open for business.