Surgeon Helps An Almost 900 Pound Woman

Renee Williams has completed her first full week in the attempt to become a smaller woman. She said from her Houston hospital bed, "I knew without a doubt, my life without the surgery, was a hundred percent guarantee I was gonna die."

Houston surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and Nacogdoches surgeon, Dr. Clifton Thomas accepted the challenge. They performed laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery on Williams, when other surgeons wouldn't. Thomas said, " It's going to let people know we can do some complicated cases, laparoscopally, with many of the advantages of it being done laparoscopic and help these people become healthier."

Williams has become the largest female patient known to have the surgery. The case is being documented, but notoriety is not what the mother of two is seeking.   Williams said,  " It's for me, but I want to do it for my daughters also. They've already missed out on having their mom long enough."

Williams' weight nearly doubled after a drunk driver crashed into her a few years ago. She became bed ridden getting larger and larger. Over time the surgery may change all that. Thomas explained, " Somewhere around 250 pounds is where she'll end up. We're going to have problems removing excess skin. Probably within a couple of months we'll start that process and she'll require many operations to excise her excess skin."

Williams is not a typical patient, but all of Thomas' patients have a desire to be healthier and smaller. They also hang onto hope. Williams said, " I have faith. I know I've been through this for a reason. It leaves, you see, you cannot give up hope."