Businesses Take a Big Financial Hit After Recalls

Many Texas businesses saw a drop in sales as soon as word of a salmonella scare quickly spread across the country.

Brookshire Brothers was among many grocery store chains that pulled Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter from its shelves after a recall was issued. Health scares often keep customers out of their favorite stores, even when those stores are not the source of the recall.

Public Relations Director Gloria McDonald said, "We contact all of our stores, have that product pulled from the shelf, have it tagged, [and] have the products pulled in the back to make sure they don't go on the shelf. We send it all back to our reclaim area; our warehouse also ships their items that they have in stock and the manufacturer gives us a credit for that product."

If you bought a jar of peanut butter from Brookshire Brothers recently, you can bring them back to the store for a full refund, even if it's not the brand that's under recall.

"You can get a replacement - whatever brand you had - even if it was not the recall product," said McDonald.

But that's not enough to ease some shoppers concerns. Many people are still worried about the risk of other foods being tainted with bacteria.

If you have Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter with a product code starting with '2111', throw it away. Since August, close to 300 people in 39 states said they've gotten sick after eating it.

The Food and Drug Administration is still investigating how salmonella got into the peanut butter in the first place.