Great Texas Warrant Roundup

To avoid a police squad car from pulling in front of their home or work,  people are paying old fines on Class C misdemeanor cases. Nacogdoches Municipal Court Judge Juanita Springer is pleased the warnings of the approaching Great Texas Warrant Roundup are working.  The judge said, " People have been paying by credit card. They've been coming in and sending their friends in, so we have had a real positive response to this."

Through Friday you can easily step up to a window and pay any outstanding fine with very few questions asked. But failure to do so you end up in front of a judge's bench. Springer said, " Once you get arrested they will be brought before me and that's what will happen next week starting Friday night. They will be arrested on their jobs, at home or as they get stopped."

The way to avoid a stay in jail or a visit with the judge is to pay the fine. In more than 90 % of the cases the defendant does just that.   In Nacogdoches County about 10,000 warrants are ready to be served. Over 150 participating agencies in Texas are participating in the warrant roundup.