Dilapidated House in East Texas

Dilapidated houses are not an uncommon sight on Marrion Ferry Road. One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, says the abandoned houses are a big problem.

"In this two mile stretch there's five homes I know of that are abandoned and that has been for four years that I've know about that. They should be taken down and destroyed."

Neighbors tell us they work hard to keep their homes in nice shape. But all the run down houses nearby depreciate their property values. They don't only consider these homes eyesores, but also a danger to the community.

"The building over there is virtually falling in on itself and small children could get in there. Kid will get into anything not knowing what they're doing. So, they could easily get trapped or injured or hurt."

Residents are now asking Angelina County officials to step in. They believe the scenery out here will convince them to help.

"Come out and have a look. Would you want it in your own backyard? How would they feel if it was in their own backyard?"