Soldier Killed at War Returns Home

Travis Buford's return to East Texas was a homecoming fit for a hero. The army specialist died last week in Iraq after a bomb exploded near the vehicle he was riding in.

Thursday, his remains were flown to Nacogdoches. His family members and fellow soldiers were waiting for him.

Staff SGT. Levy Robinson said, "It's hard, and when it's somebody from your unit it hits home a little bit closer. Just for any soldier to get killed, it's hard on a military community as a whole."

Buford's family told us he served his country honorably and was proud to fight for what he believed in.

Lynn Laird of Laird's Funeral Home said, "I've always felt that it is extremely important that we honor those that have fallen for our country and we demonstrated that here in East Texas. We had the sheriff of Nacogdoches, as well as the deputies and the constables and the city police out at the airport to assist with the escort back to the funeral home. I was really honored to see that."

Buford is a native of Douglass. He died last Thursday at the age of 23.

Funeral services for Buford are set for 2:00 p.m. Saturday at Laird's Funeral Home in Nacogdoches.