Growing Graffiti Problem

by Larry Little

It took Ann Reyes one year to complete painting a mural in Chambers Park.   To this day she thinks about things she could have done differently.   "I see things I would like to change. I guess you're never completely happy with something, every time I think maybe I should have done this, but I like it," says Ann Reyes.

What Ann doesn't like is how someone recently defaced the mural putting a sticky paint like substance on the mural.   "I was kind of sad because I worked so hard on it. It's to make Chambers Park look nicer is what it is for and whatever that is on it doesn't improve it," says Reyes.

Ann's mural isn't the only defaced piece of property in Lufkin. Spray painted graffiti can be found on buildings and signs all around town.  Authorities say defacing property is a growing problem and anyone caught will be punished. "Have respect for another person's property. It's not yours don't mark it up," says Lt. David Young with the Lufkin Police Department. "People need to have an appreciation for what other people do and respect for other people things," says Reyes.

Authorities say anyone convicted of defacing property could face felony charges depending on the amount  of damage.