Lufkin Police Report - 03/02/07

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  909 S. Chestnut Dr. (Lufkin Lanes)  An I-Pod was stolen from a car at the bowling alley Thursday evening.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  1600 block of Tulane Dr.  A vehicle window was broken out and a woman's purse was stolen Thursday evening.  The suspects used the victim's credit card at two stores in Lufkin before the victim could get them cancelled.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  4500 block of S. Medford Dr.  Sixty dollars was stolen from an unsecured vehicle Thursday night.

THEFT:  2000 block of Ford Chapel Rd.  A Canon brand camcorder was stolen from a vehicle in mid-February.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1800 W. Frank St.  (Pilgrim's Pride)  A woman reported her vehicle keyed for the second time this week.  This is believed to be related to a similar case where another woman's car was keyed twice in one week.  A fired employee is suspected of keying the women's cars.

THEFT:  900 block of Atkinson Dr.  An outside air conditioning unit was stolen from a business last week.

DEBIT CARD ABUSE:  300 block of Chestnut Dr.  A woman reported that her roommate stole her debit card and used it four times in late February.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING:  2500 block of Daniel McCall Dr.  A fake check was deposited into a bank account in February.  This was reported by the bank and it's unclear if the account holder knew the check was bogus.

BURGLARY:  600 block of Abney St.  A residence was found to have been burglarized Thursday.  The owner was not home, so there is no list of what may have been stolen.

FOUND PROPERTY:  100 block of Gaslight Blvd.  A purse was found Thursday.  The purse had identification belonging to a woman named Malone, but no contact phone numbers were found with the purse.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  100 block of Palmetto St.  A woman reported seeing a man run from her yard just after noon Thursday.  She later found two scratches on her car and believes the man may have done it.

BURGLARY:  600 block of Abney St.  A residence was burglarized Thursday morning.  Assorted jewelry items, DVD movies, and video games were stolen.

STALKING:  Tulane Dr..  A woman reported repeated phone calls, criminal mischief and being followed by the estranged wife of a male friend.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  800 block of E. Denman Ave.  Graffiti was written on a business with a permanent marker

CREDIT CARD ABUSE:  1400 block of Oak Hill DR.  A man reported that someone had obtained a credit card in his name without authorization.

BURGLARY:  500 block of Laurel Ave.  A church was broken into Wednesday night and a Yamaha keyboard was stolen

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1600 Denman Ave  An outside stairway was damaged Wednesday or Thursday.  The stairs may have been hit by a vehicle.

FELONY THEFT:  2700 block of S. Medford Dr  A known suspect test drove a vehicle a week ago and has not returned it.  A sales rep for the dealership saw the man in the car and he had removed the paper tags and put another license plate on the car.  The car was recovered Thursday in Lufkin and a warrant will be requested on the suspect.

THEFT:  100 block of Arena St.  Furniture belonging to the landlord was missing after a tenant moved from a rent house

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  1400 block of Tulane Dr.  A man reported that his girlfriend tore up a window blind in his apartment during an argument early Thursday morning.