It's Boot Camp Time

Early every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, Connie Howe, joins four other women, for what is being called boot camp.

Howe said, "I was in the military and it appealed to me, and I've been hooked ever since."

First comes the easy part, stretching. But soon they will be working out their abs, next comes calisthenics, squats, and even sprints.

Howe said, "I'm really toning up and Greg (the trainer) is going to help me with my diet later.  I have noticed I have more stamina, and my legs feel tight, and I'm starting to get strong again."

And, the ladies don't mess around, you can see the sweat and hard work that comes with their work out.

Greg McEntire, the trainer, said, "The intensity of how you do things is far more important, than the durations."

And there's no doubt, they get out, as much as they put in.

Howe said, "We're hurting, we're sore, we work hard, it's not sissy stuff, it's good.