Texas Country Reporter Visits Lufkin

Sammie and Bud Endersby have been in the lamp business for 27 years. Their store is unlike any other in the East Texas area. Everything in it is custom made.

Bud Endersby said, "We use ceiling fixture glass to make lamps. We've made lamps out of blow torches, gas irons, sod irons; almost anything you can make a lamp out of."

But that's not all they do. The Endersbys specialize in creating the new and unusual, but they also improve the old and broken.

"We buy old lamps and fix them up," said Endersby. "We restore fixtures and lamps and we make all of our own shades. We make both silk frames and hardbacks and we can use your material or ours."

The store is full of peculiar picks and fancy finds, but that's not what caught the eye of the Texas Country Reporter. Bob Phillips himself stopped by the shop to feature the couple on his show.

Phillips said, "We're looking for people with passion about what they do, about their lives, about whatever it is that they do with their lives. More than what they do, we're interested in why they do what they do."

And Custom Lamps and Shades is just one of many little known landmarks and hidden treasures in East Texas.

"In East Texas, you can take five steps and you run into another story," Phillips said. "They're everywhere. I think that you could probably be in a place like Lufkin and you could just spend weeks or months just uncovering what's here."

You can catch the Endersby's story on the Texas Country Reporter sometime in late April or May on KTRE-TV.

Ordinary citizens are the eyes and ears of the Texas Country Reporter. Bob Phillips and his crew found out about downtown Lufkin's Custom Lamps and Shades by reading an email from the town's Main Street director.

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