Lufkin Police Report - 03/07/07

THEFT:  1700 block of Cimmarron St.  A woman reported that checks had been stolen from her home by a known suspect.  The woman didn't know the checks were missing until a liquor store clerk called to verify the check the suspect was trying to cash.  The woman later learned the same man had forged several of her checks at other stores as well.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  4600 block of S. Medford Dr.  A woman's purse was stolen from her vehicle Wednesday evening while she was at work.

THEFT:  3500 S. First St. (Angelina College)  Money was stolen from a wallet left in an office at the athletic building of Angelina College sometime during the day Monday.

THEFT:  4000 block of N. Medford Dr.  The tailgate was stolen from a blue 1983 Chevy pickup sometime Monday night or Tuesday.

HARASSMENT:  400 block of Cunningham St.  A woman reported that the father of her child called and threatened her life Tuesday.

  601 Windsor St. (Morris Frank Park)  Cases of sports drinks were stolen during the burglary of a concession stand at Morris Frank Park two weeks ago.  Reporting party was unsure of how many cases were missing.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1900 block of Tulane Dr.  A tire was cut with a knife Saturday afternoon.

THEFT:   4200 S. Medford Dr. (Target)  A man was seen fleeing Target with a 17" flat screen television that he hadn't paid for Sunday.  The man had also stolen a television the day before and tried to return it for a refund.  The suspect was gone when police were called but a witness got the license plate number of the car he left in.

THEFT:  2300 block of E. Denman Ave.  A cell phone and charger was stolen from a business last week.

  1100 block of Linkwood St.  A garage door window was broken by a man when his sister refused to loan him money Wednesday morning.  The man got angry and hit the window on the way out, breaking the glass.

  1400 block of Atkinson Dr.  A rental truck was used without authorization.  A teenage boy who sometimes helps out around the business admitted to taking a rental truck without permission last week.  The truck has been returned.