Home Schooled College Applicants

People have always had varying opinions about homeschooling, and East Texans are no exception.

From friends of mine that have a daughter in home school, I think it's a good idea. A lot of the schools only care about the students being there to get the funding from the government, and these kids were falling through the cracks. They went from failing to making straight A's in homeschool," said Angelina College student April Jackson.

"I couldn't see just sitting at home in front of books and just being expected to learn like that. I'm a hands on person, and being in a classroom environment kind of helps the learning process," said Michelle Dunbar, another Angelina College student we talked to.

Traditionally, being accepted by colleges and universities has sometimes been difficult for homeschooled students because they don't have high school grades or records. But a growing number of schools are trying to change that.

"I guess sometimes at colleges we're kind of slow at changing our system. We recognized this need a number of years ago and we came up with ways that sort of just fit into our regular enrollment requirements," said Angelina College Instutional Researcher Bill Berry.

Angelina College officials say one reason it's easy for homeschooled students to enroll there is because it's a community college. But many larger institutions are also changing their application process to make it easier for homeschooled students to get in.