East Texas Soldier Returns Home

You can find welcome home banners and signs of patriotism all around the Strain family's house. That's because their son, Johnathan, Is finally home from Iraq.

"It feels great. It's good to see all the support from the family and all the people that support the troops," said Jonathan.

"I'm very proud of my son. Our family's proud of our son. He has shown what it is to be an American, and being an American...a lot of being an American...is being able and willing to go and take the call of duty," said Johnathan's father, John.

"I'm prouder of him than the day I had him. I feel immense pride. He has shown the type of man that every parent hopes their son will grow up to be," Johnathan's mother, Jackie said.

Johnathan is on a two week break from his tour of duty in Iraq. He's spending most of his free time enjoying one of his favorite hobbies: hunting. Johnathan's mother told us the story of two little girls they met at the airport when he was leaving for Iraq.

"Johnathan looked up and the two little girls saluted him. And the mom and dad said, 'This man is why we can get on that airplane. This man is protecting you,'" said Jackie Strain.

Johnathan and his family say it's that type of community support that reassures them everything will be fine.