Nacogdoches Teachers Resign

NISD Superintendent Dr. Rodney Hutto is adamant about one particular issue.   He said,  " We want fully certified teachers in every classroom." Hutto was less than pleased with the number of uncertified teachers he found upon his arrival to NISD. Twice administrators gave each one a directive.   Hutto said they were told,  " If you're not fully certified we won't extend the contract until you are full certified."

But last night 13 uncertified teachers presented their resignations effective May 25th. They came from all departments. Three were Spanish teachers. Human resources is encouraging them to reapply. Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources G. W. Neal said,  " We're going to work towards getting them there because they're good people and they want to be in the district. We are working toward that certification and sometimes there are language barriers, but those people are working extra hard to get there."

Some teachers interpret the action differently. Rumors of cutting positions circulate throughout campuses. The board president Phil Mahar said,    " There's no wholesale move to cut anywhere or eliminate people."

But streamlining is on the radar. Hutto explained,  " When we're talking about streamlining we're looking at do we have positions not necessarily teachers. We're looking at every department in the school and asking are we being efficient." Mahar said, " It's just to use our resources to the best possible maximum use and that covers the whole operation of the district from custodial to central office to all the campuses."

During upcoming budget talks administrators will study salaries. Academic programs will be accessed. And teacher qualifications analyzed.