East Texas Spring Break Safety

Stephen F. Austin student Andrew Ray couldn't wait for spring break. Now that it's here, he says his plans don't include anything too out of the ordinary.

"I Just plan to get wasted and have a good time. And try not to die," Ray laughed.

Many other students have similar plans.

"I plan to drink and chill with my friends. I'm not going to drink a lot. I'll drink responsibly and have a designated driver but I am going to drink," said SFA student Shannon Robinson.

Drinking responsibly is an important message. Especially for college students taking road trips for spring break.

"Don't get behind the wheel and drink and drive because in Texas that offense is very serious. Not only are you looking at jail time or possibly prison time, but the fact that you could kill somebody," said Lufkin DPS Senior Trooper Greg Sanches.

The main message from law enforcement is to have a good time and enjoy spring break, but not at the expense of anyone's safety.

"We're just asking young people to not drink and drive, wear their seat belts, observe the speed limits, and just be that good driver," Sanches said.