Proposed Red Light Camera Bill

by Larry Little

East Texas drivers who fail to stop at red lights could be in trouble because big brother is watching, using red light cameras to ticket drivers. City officials say the red light cameras are not to increase the city's revenue. "The whole purpose of the red light cameras is not to make the city rich at it's to make the city safe and try to get drivers to heed the fact they are running red lights and they are speeding. It's not to make the city rich. It's to save lives," Victoria Lafollett-Koenig.

The camera's could save lives, but some cities are racking up revenue. Garland, Texas in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area made $500,000 from red light camera fines according to the Dallas Morning News.  "Just because the city issue a fine wether it be for a traffic violation, code violation and truancy that doesn't mean incoming for that ticket is forth coming," says Lafollett-Koenig.

Lawmakers in Austin are hoping to regulate red light camera fines by capping citation fees at $75 statewide. Under the proposed legislation the money would have to be split equally by the state and city and the profits have to be used to make the roads safer for East Texas drivers.