Cutting Energy Costs

As spring rolls around and the temperature rises, many East Texans are looking for cheap ways to stay cool.

"They come in quite frequently. Usually right around Fall or Spring. Times change and everything changes with the weather, so they're looking for different ways to energy efficiently take care of their homes," said Home Depot Employee David Utz.

Experts say there are several things you should consider to cut your energy costs, such as light bulbs, doors and windows, and air conditioners.Florescent light bulbs can be energy savers during warm weather because they produce less heat. Installing fiberglass doors and vinyl windows can help to reflect heat and retain cool air. And keeping your doors and windows properly sealed is also a good idea to keep cool air inside. Making changes like these might cost you more initially, but it eventually pays off.

When you're looking at it, it looks like it's a huge price, but it's really not in the long run. You have to pay a little bit more but in the long run you're saving a lot of money," said Utz.