Move It or Lose It

Nick Boland, of Nacogdoches, has a career that takes a lot of dedication, courage, and strength which is why this firefighter spends several days a week hitting the gym.

"That line of work is very strenuous and very hard to do, so the better in shape you are, the better your body is going to be, the easier it's going to be for us to perform our task."

By this time of year, most East Texans whose New Year's resolutions included losing weight have made a choice. They have either given up on that goal or have made working out and being healthy part of their lifestyle.

Patricia Thompson, the co-owner of the Court Club, said, "You typically can tell the people who are serious about working out, and it doesn't matter the size of the individual.  They come in if they are interested and they find something they enjoy doing, that's what is really important."

Most experts believe it only takes 30-minutes a day of some type of exercise to help you stay healthy. Ideally, working out should be just as important to you as eating and sleeping.