Lufkin House Fire

When Barbara Sterns called her daughter to tell her that her house was on fire, her daughter only said three words: "Oh, my Lord!"

Neighborhoors reported seeing flames coming from the back of the home on the 300 blcok of Banks Street. When the Lufkin Fire Department arrived, a fire that started in the kitchen had fully engulfed the house. They put the fire out in 45 minutes. No one was home at the time.Sterns says her daughter and grandchildren were out of town on vacation. But she tells us one of her grandchildren, who stayed behind in Lufkin and arrived as firefighers were putting out the flames, took it very hard.

"She was so much in tears and I asked her why she was crying and she said, 'my mama worked so hard to pay for this,'" said Sterns.

Sterns knows losing their home and all their possessions is hard for her daughter's family to deal with. But she believes their situation will improve.

"We'll just trust in the Lord and everything will work out fine. Just like I told my daughter, just like the Lord blessed her with this he'll bless her with something else. There's always something good that comes out of something bad."

Sterns is just glad her daughter and grandchildren weren't home, and that material possessions are the only things that were lost.