Several Residents Have Construction Concerns

It's been several months since the Texas Department of Transportation began rebuilding several roads in Angelina County. The latest project has been delayed because of several bouts with bad weather and the time it took relocating utilities.

Some residents off FM 706 said they're sick of all the construction, dirt, and torn up streets. They are wondering if the work will ever end.

Lydia Shepherd said, "I never took a left on 706 [from my street] because I just went straight to the highway, but now that's the only way out and it takes you probably ten, 15 minutes just to get one block down the road."

Many people living nearby believe the roads are in worse shape now than they were before the workers came in, but TxDot Area Engineer David Collmorgen said that's not true.

"It was a narrow road, quite a few base failures that weren't smooth, and the drainage was one of the main concerns - the road flooded a lot," said Collmorgen.

The project started more than a year ago, but Collmorgen said the end result will be much smoother roads and safer driving.

"We're completely rehabilitating the roadway," Collmorgen said. "We replaced all the cross drainage structures, improved all the drainage, we've re-graded the ditches, [and] replaced all the driveway pipe."

Right now, TxDot crews are adding a right turn lane at the intersection off Highway 94 and 706 in Hudson. It will make the high-traffic area easier to get through for people who live and work in the area and for students trying to get to and from school. Next, they'll move on to FM 3150 and highway 103 where more improvements will begin.

The project should be finished by next fall, depending on the weather. If you have any concerns or complaints, go to