Job Training for East Texas Inmates

At the Diboll Correctional Center, inmates are given many opportunities to learn skills that will help them find employment after their release.

"They have a strike, actually they have two strikes against them from just being convicted felons. They need to avoid getting that third strike and get that GED or high school diplomma and get all the training they can get so that they are better equipped when they get out in the real world," DCC Educational Conselor Waynette Seamans said.

The center provides basic education programs for inmates of all ages and education levels. Besides classroom work, inmates can also learn trades to make them more employable, like carpentry and horticulture. It can sometimes be tough for ex convicts to find a job, but training like this can make the transition easier.

"If they get an education and they get some skills, they find a job," said Seamans.

The goal is to help all inmates succeed after they leave. But it's still up to each one individually to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided.

"It's the same thing in life. If they want to get an education, they'll get it. Most of them get it."