Identity Theft

by Larry Little

Whether you are shopping at a local retailer or doing business at an East Texas bank, protecting your identity from thieves should be a concern. Brenda Dollar discovered her identity had been stolen when trying to buy a mobile home. "We had some inquires from our other trailer, so we contacted a friend, he found out that a 25 year old Mexican male has my ID," says Brenda Dollar.

It scares Brenda to think about what is happening to her credit. "I'm blown away, they are probably ruining me more and more," says Dollar.

She's already feeling some of the affects of having her identity stolen. "I can't get nothing. They wouldn't put my name on a checking account because my identity was stolen," says Dollar.

Brenda is working to repair the damage to her credit. Experts say you can help avoid identity theft by being careful about giving out personal information, periodically checking your credit report, and maintaining banking records.