Water Safety

by Josh Ault

In just two weeks three people have drowned in East Texas Lakes.  The incidents are putting increased attention on water safety.  Area lakes can be lethal if your not prepared.

The first thing you can do to prevent drowning deaths is to learn CPR.  Vicky Atkinson, EMS Public Information Officer, said, "CPR keeps the heart and brain going until advance life support can get to the scene."  Atkinson says it is important that at least one person in your household should know how to do CPR.  She also said that she encourages people as young as ten-years-old to be trained.

Another way to save your life is to buy a life jacket.  Pikes Saw and Tool Company in Nacogdoches sells many different kinds of life jackets.  Owner, David Lymbery, said, "(have a life jacket) is part of boating, no boat should be with out it."  The most basic life jacket goes for about $8.

The last tip:  Make sure you know how to swim!

If you would like to learn how to do CPR, you can call Vicky Atkinson at 936-569-4600 or e-mail her at atkinsov@nacmem.org .