Testing Elderly Drivers

Barbara Berryman is one of many older drivers still able to drive without a problem. But not all elderly drivers are as fortunate.

"Well when they get older their eyes get older and their mental capacity sometimes goes," said elderly East Texas driver Barbara Berryman.

That's why some Texas legislators want to require elderly drivers to have their vision and driving tested if they want to keep their drivers licenses after they reach age 90. A plan being considered in the state senate would force drivers to be tested after age 79.

"A lot of times older drivers are more reluctant to stop driving, but that is understandable. It's hard to give that driver's license up," said Lufkin Depart of Public Safety Senior Trooper Greg Sanches.

Barbara's husband, William, still has his license, but realized it was time for him to stop driving after he suffered a stroke. Barbara now does all the driving.

"It kind of gets to me at times. I want to do things and I'm not able to do it because she's tied up," William said.

Barbara and William agree elderly drivers should be tested. And they hope those no longer able to drive safely realize when it's time to let someone else have that job.

"When we go on a trip, we get back and people ask me if I drove all the way, I tell them, 'he did the driving and I was at the wheel,'" Barbara added.