East Texas Dog Fair

Sally Quick has been a dog owner for years. Now, Sally and other East Texas Working Dog Association members are hosting a dog show this month in Lufkin.

"This is the first time we've offered it. We've talked about doing it for sometime. We've talked about doing it for sometime. We plan on making it an annual event. We've had a lot of people show interest, so we're hoping it will grow in the coming years," said Quick.

The dog show will be full of showcases and demonstrations, but it's also a way to promote repsonsiblity among dog owners .

"Responsibility of pet ownership. That your dog be leash trained, and not run loose. A variety of things, and there'll be folks there that can answer your questions on any dog issues," Quick added.

Another thing the dog fair will promote is micro chipping, which is a way to keep track of your dog if it ever gets lost and turns up in a shelter.

"A number of us went to Slidell, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and worked in one of the rescue shelters that was set up there and saw an amazing return of a whole kennel full of dogs through some individuals because their dogs were micro chipped," quick told us.

East Texas working dog association members say they're excited about the dog show and hope it will be a fun way for East Texans to learn to appreciate dogs.