A Better Community

A camera monitored by Lufkin police still watches over Brandon Park and old buildings and houses in North Lufkin I reported on months ago have been demolished. Pastor Lonnie Williams welcomes the progress. Pastor Williams' church Greater Shiloh sits next door to Brandon Park. "Our intent for the camera was not as people think for some prostitute, some drug addict or some alcoholic," says Pastor Williams.

Pastor Williams says the camera is to stop fights and other violence at Brandon Park.  "Our concern was the safety of the children in the park with the element that wanted to be John Wayne or a gangster. We wanted to cut that out," says Pastor Williams.

Pastor Williams says he doesn't want to cut out is what God has commanded him to do, love everyone. "Those people that are sick with drug addictions and other issues in their life, that's a sickness, that's what the church is here for to help people, to help them come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are not here to run that element off. We are here to minister to people," says Pastor Williams.

Though there is some progress Pastor Williams believes this community needs help from the city of Lufkin. "If you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish he can eat for the rest of his life and that's what we are asking the city of Lufkin to have that kind of mentality and bring programs into this community," says Williams.