Pet Food Recall

Pet Smart employee Lacey Hampton has only had her dog Gracie for a few weeks. But she knows the thought of a pet food recall can be scary for pet owners.

"I would be upset. I know the manufactures are trying to new things all the time to see what they can do. I would take her to the vet immediately," said Hampton.

"I would be very upset because it's like a family member in our household, and to have a pet die and without knowing why would be very disturbing," said East Texas pet owner Cathy Kettering.

Several brands of wet pet foods manufactured by the company Menu Foods were recalled nationwide over the weekend.

The recalled foods have been linked to several pet deaths across the nation and may have caused kidney failure in some other dogs and cats.

"We trust America to put out products that are safe. I know you can't always take care of that and I'm glad they're recalling it but it's very scary," Kettering added.

"Not everything was pulled off the shelves. So people don't need to worry about not being able to have an alternative. If there's one here, we'll find it,"

Pet Smart Pet Care Manager Laura Wood said.