City Leaders Test Emergency Communication Skills

There were several disasters around the City of Lufkin Tuesday, but they were not real. They were set up as part of a Regional Communications Drill.

Hazardous materials releases, structure and overpass collapses, and widespread injuries were intended to overwhelm city leaders and emergency workers.

The goal of the exercise was to see how well the City of Lufkin would communicate with outside agencies in 12 different East Texas counties.

"The whole drill is intended to overwhelm the city; making us use other avenues to get in touch with other counties," said Lufkin Fire Marshal Leefran Skelton. "They're taking our phone capabilities away and we're having to try to figure out what to do if that does happen."

Mock command posts were set up as part of Tuesday's drill which continues Wednesday in Lufkin. Scenarios include explosions, structure fires, and railroad tank car fires.