Wounded Soldier Talks About the War in Iraq

Ever since he was a little boy, Cody Hadden knew he would someday be an American soldier. He joined the marines almost two years ago and understands why many people question his choice to fight in the war in Iraq.

"Once you get over there you realize that some of the people understand why you're over there and they accept the help and they try to help as much as they can," Hadden said. "It's experiences you'll never forget."

Cody returned to East Texas Monday night and is now on leave after being wounded. His unit had just changed shifts on the morning of February 20th when he was hit by snipers. At the time, he and several other soldiers were watching over a tank.

"They like to have men on the ground to watch their backs while they help us out; that's what we were doing. In our building, there was a bunch of dead space around the building and I had just stood up to make sure nobody was walking up to the building. I was going to sit back down to finish breakfast and just one shot - I didn't even hear it."

Fighting for freedom and defending an entire nation is difficult, especially when so many people are against combat and want U.S. troops to leave Iraq. Cody wants everyone to know what they've been seeing about the war for the past four years is not the whole story.

There's two groups of people over there - the Sunnis and the Shiites - and they're fighting each other and they don't like us at all," said Hadden. "They hate our society, our civilization, the way we do things, [and] the way women are allowed to be their own person. They hate us and if they had the money and the technology that we do, they would be over here fighting in our country instead of us over there in their country."